Large EnterPrise

Office : Multiple function office devices – printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines – ID card based security control and other functions can be added to meet specific needs.

Conference Room : (Visual Communications products) we offer Smart Presenters for paperless meetings. Projection systems that enables projection to large screen from as near as 11.7 cm away. We also provide a unified communication system which integrates various forms of data such as video and audio between participants wherever they're located

CRD (Centralized Reprographic Department) : Production printers (high volume printers) and on- demand printing needs products can produce deferent types of materials in a short time. With Ricoh production printing products we can cover your needs with lowest total cost of ownership in the market. Whether you have high volume, high value or high quality print requirements, we have the solutions and services that can streamline your in-house print and document processes.


Small & Medium office

Multi Functional Products : Ricoh with its wide range of black & white or color multifunctional products can meet all the small and medium office needs of output devices when it comes to quality, reliability, size, and cost effective

Printing Solutions : KDT believes that the printing is not only providing the printers. It is a full printing solution based on understanding customer workflow and IT infrastructure in addition to type of business he runs. This information will allow us to design the right hardware and tools for his firm.

Meeting Rooms Services : KDT interactive solutions allow people to communicate eas ily by using Ricoh unified communications system which can comunicate with most of video conferancing systems regardless of the brand. We use Ricoh projection sestyms that fits all type of meeting rooms wether it is small, medium or large meeting rooms. With ricoh products, we can cover all the customer needs. KDT offers Meeting Room Services, an integrated package of consultancy, delivery and support to help customers increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their meeting room facilities.

KDT Managed Document & IT Services : Information is the lifeblood of today’s organizations. You need to maintain maximum availability of your servers, networks, end user systems, and data to achieve your business goals.

KDT IT Services can help you tackle these challenges with the best IT solutions. Having information at their fingertips doesn’t just let employees get more done. It also makes it easier for them to get together. Before you can brainstorm a new idea, reach a consensus, decide on a plan or simply make sure everyone is updated, you need to find and schedule a place for it to happen. Together with our expertise on Managed Document Services and our wide service coverage, we provide a single point of contact for all your IT needs. Let KDT take care of all the hassles around IT administrative work so that you can focus on your core job. Our goal is to optimize your office environment to support your work style and let you concentrate on growing your business.

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Multiple function devices & Conference Room


Multiple function office devices


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Multiple function devices & Basic Printers


Presenters & Meeting Room Devices


Managed Document & IT Services

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